It has been a few years now, but this bit of information was given to me by a couple who had just hired me for their day. We were working on their timeline and the couple said that after the ceremony and photos that they would like to have 5 minutes alone. I said "sure" not thinking much of it, but when they explained their reasoning it struck me just how great of an idea this truly was. They started by explaining their understanding of the day and how they know it will go by so fast. Based on their experiences they figured they would likely be running from one moment to the next trying to get themselves or someone else ready or to the place they need to be. And this was okay as it is all part of the excitement of the day. But they also wanted some time to themselves so they could talk and reflect with one another on what the day actually meant to them. They said I could photograph the moment but asked that I simply give them space and do what I needed to from a distance. I was blown away by this simple gesture and just how insightful and intimate a moment it really was.

So this is my advice to you. Give yourself time to appreciate and absorb the significance of the day. You may not need or want to designate a block of alone time; but give yourself extra time during your morning prep or photos to take things slowly and appreciate the day, friends, family, and ultimately the love the day has given you.