Micro wedding 2

Tis the year for micro weddings. Not that I am complaining as it is clear to me that with everything going on in this country, I am lucky to have work. Let alone work that I love. None the less this wedding had its share of challenges from MAJOR downpours to time delays that severely limited the amount of daylight we had to work with. But that is how it goes sometimes and you simply have to roll with the punches, dig deep into your creative mind, and find a way to tell the story in a way that is exciting and beautiful. Luckily I had a great client and family who made things easy, fun and gave that extra bit of help to make the day special.

Micro wedding detail
micro wedding bride popping champagne top
micro wedding bride drinking from champagne bottle
micro wedding bride prep
micro wedding bride's perfume and hair clip
girls buttoning the bride's dress
bride's reflection in mirror while girls button her dress
girls buttoning the brides' wedding dress
mother of groom waits while holding the vail
bridesmaid helps put on the vail
bridesmaid puts the vail on the bride
bride exits house while be escorted
bride and escort walk to the ceremony site
groom's first look at bride while waiting by the arch
bride and escort walk down the isle at a backyard ceremony
overview of backyard wedding site with willow tree
bride reading her vows during the wedding ceremony
groom listens to bride reading her wedding vows during the ceremony
bride listens to the groom read his wedding vows
bride and groom at alter reciting the wedding vows