Challenging my creative muscles

So here we are, day 396 (or so it seems) of the Pennsylvania stay at home order for Philadelphia. I am struggling (like much of the country) to find ways to stay productive with my time at home. There is only so much Netflix and HBO shows I can watch and still feel okay about myself. I did the home projects and everything I could on my 'honey do' list that doesn't require a large financial investment. Lets be honest, when you are not working it can be a little unnerving spending money. Quick tangent...for those of you who do not know what a ' honey do' list is, it is much like a TO DO list but stems from a conversations where one partner says, "Honey will you do this?" Back to the point...As such, I have found myself going back to what makes me happy and that is the creative process. This time I find myself revisiting a wedding from about 2 years ago and making selections that tells the story of the day while also fitting within the confines of a piece of music, its beats and rhythm. It is a fun process but the hardest thing is searching for hours on end for a piece of music that is representative of my aesthetic and that of the couple and their wedding.  I hope you enjoy! Kimpton Hotel Monaco Old St. Joseph's Church The Buck Hotel

Janine and Matt's wedding day in Philadelphia