Belle Voir Manor knows how to throw a party!

I am sure it comes as no surprise when I say, I have been to a lot of weddings (and even been a guest at a few), lol. And truth be told, when I look back on them and think about the reception venues a lot of them tend to blend together. This is no way meant to be slight as first, I am working and my brain is in a certain mode. Secondly, I am sure it is incredibly hard for venues to set themselves apart when many are trying to appeal to the same type of bride. However, Belle Voir Manor has found a way to do just that and they have done it with good ol' fashioned customer service. True this opinion comes from that of a 'vendor', but my reasons are directly applicable to the success of the wedding day.

First and foremost they communicate. Seems simple but I can't tell you how hard it can be to get answers about processions, line ups, sequester rooms, entry points, meal service, etc. Your photographer wants to do the best job possible for their couples but also create a good experience with other vendors as it is just the decent thing to do and makes the experience all that better. And when the venue makes themselves available to us and communicates about those plans or finds the answers you just goes a long way in making everyone happy.

The second point I want to make is that Belle Voir Manor is graciously flexible. Anyone who has ever been in a wedding knows that they rarely go exactly as planned....and that is okay! That is where the good stuff happens. But when this happens, we all have to adapt to make the day a success for everyone. My particular experience was with timing and how our carefully planned timeline was thrown out when something earlier in the day went wrong through no fault of my own. Upon arriving at BVM. I informed the events manager of the situation who quickly helped carve out some time so I could get the necessary shots. Not every shot but that necessary ones. And that is the point, we all have adapt on a wedding day to make sure the couples experience is as perfect as can be. Belle Voir Manor is a team player and venue I look forward to visiting again.