Proposal at 1723 Vineyards

I have known Jordan for a couple of years since first meeting him at his sisters wedding and I was thrilled to hear he was FINALLY ready to pop the question to his fiancé. I have seen photos of proposals online and always thought this was such an incredible subject to photograph as it has all of the excitement and emotion one could ever hope for. I was honored to be asked to capture this for them.

But then the significance of the occasion hit me. Here was one, singular moment that I had to capture and it was do or die...there were no do overs. No extended day to recreate something or impress with other images. I had no control or input as to what table to use, where someone sat, or where they kneeled. Covid was still a factor so less people were around and so it was harder for me to blend in and find opportune angles with out my camera being seen. Plus I was excited for them and I had my own nerves and excitement about that.

So what do you do? You adapt. You arrive early, talk with the venue manager/owner (Sarah is awesome by the way), and you figure things out. Period. This is not a gig for the indecisive. You hide in the vines (with permission fo course), act as if you belong there, and find a window through the leaves that gives you the best possible angle. And then you shoot, shoot, shoot and try to capture all of the subtle eye glances and emotions that are shared. I LOVED IT !!!